“SOANA” – Automated surface inspection

SOANA® the Speed Optical Analyzer

Undetected cracks, necking on the component surface or missing press-fit components that are overlooked and cause high subsequent costs in the further production process? With SOANA®, these will soon be a thing of the past.

SOANA® (Speed Optical Analyzer) is our automated, contactless high-speed inspection system. It enables you to perform reliable, contactless surface inspection in a non-destructive manner and without impacting your established processes. To this end, we create our own system adapted to your needs that can be optimally integrated into your processes.

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SOANA® can generally be installed in the form of a portal above the outfeed conveyor belt. In this way, the components are transported underneath the inspection system and inspected for surface faults during the process, contactless and in real time. We adapt the dimensions of our system to suit your needs. If a portal design is not possible, we can work out an alternative custom concept together with you.

Prüfanlage zur automatisierten Oberflächenprüfung in der Fertigung

Top-down Inspection

Our classic setup is implemented in a portal design. In this process, the components pass through the crack inspection system using a conveyor belt and are inline inspected for cracks and other surface defects.

Prüfsystem zur automatisierten Oberflächeninspektion in der Fertigung.

Bottom-up Inspection

This alternative construction is particularly suitable when your test parts are not on a conveyor belt but, for example, are moved by robotic arms or other transfer systems. Here, the components are passed over the system and inspected from below for cracks and other surface defects. 

Prüfanlage zur inline Risserkennung auf kleineren Bauteilen.

Compact Solution SOANA® Pocket

SOANA® Pocket is a more compact version of the proven SOANA® crack inspection system. It focuses on crack inspection and error detection for smaller components, defined error focal points, or in situations where limited space prevents the use of a larger construction. With its compact design, SOANA® Pocket is versatile and adaptable to various scenarios.


SOANA® impresses with contactless real-time inspection of your components. Each component is scanned by high-quality industrial cameras and immediately inspected for faults using our in-house analysis algorithms. If the surface inspection system finds a defect, this is immediately signalled after passthrough so that the defective component can be removed from the production process. Faults can be signalled visually and/or acoustically.<br>The fault is also localised using the visualisation terminal. We also offer you the option of sending output commands directly to a separator for fully-automated component removal.

Future Security

SOANA® offers you added value in the future as well, since our system is able to flexibly adapt to changes. We train SOANA® to enable the system for fully-automated inspection of your components. New inspection areas can be defined at any time and new inspection parts can be added in response to the ongoing development of your products.​

Technical Summary

- Incident light system (based on the reflection from the inspected object)
- LED-based illumination system
- Available conveyor speeds range up to 3 m/s
- Use up to 20 high-quality industrial cameras in a single system
- Up to 300 individual images per second
- Data processing of up to 1 Gbit/s
- Unlimited number of components can be trained for the inspection process
- Apart from metal surfaces, various other materials are also conceivable
- Detectable faults include cracks, necking, scratches, folds, variant faults, faults in hole groups

Seitenrahmen auf dem Auslaufband in der Fertigung, nachdem sie die Prüfung durch das Risserkennungssystem durchlaufen haben.

Free Information Booklet

In our information booklet, you will find everything you need to know about SOANA®. Discover more about the performance and operation of our inline inspection system, the type of data it provides, the wide range of errors that SOANA® can detect, and the technical specifications. Download the booklet now in convenient PDF format to gain detailed insights and comprehensive information about SOANA®!

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