About us

SHS Technologies GmbH

We have made it our mission to provide our clients with competent assistance in the field of automated inspection technology. 

Since our founding in 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to the contactless surface inspection of components. We offer the possibility of detecting a wide variety of surface faults, inline and using non-destructive techniques. Our core area of expertise is automated crack detection.

To optimally address the individual needs and requests of our customer base, we always maintain a close dialog with our clients from initial contact through design all the way to the implementation of our projects. Even after delivery, we remain fully available for our clients to ensure the ideal functionality of our products and services.

In order to build up a successful long-term business relationship, we consider it extremely important to establish trust with our clients from the get-go and to offer custom solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Since reliable surface inspection makes it possible to remove the identified defective components from the value chain as early as possible, our products and services stand for more than just a competitive advantage and reduced costs: they are also sustainable. Our technology offers our clients a long-term solution and represents not just an asset investment but also a valuable investment in their future.

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Quality can only be achieved by always fulfilling and exceeding customer requirements by making successive improvements.


Our development office is the company’s powerhouse for ideas. Once targets have been defined together with our clients, our development team sets out to find innovative solutions. This is made possible by the comprehensive skills of our developers, ranging from software and hardware development to the construction of prototypes and the optimisation of existing technology. In order to plan, discuss and implement current and future projects efficiently, the department has its own workshop and modern workstations along with facilities for prototypes and testing.

General Administration

Coordination and organisation pave the way to sustained success: this makes the Administration department a central pillar of our company. A wide variety of activities are carried out here, such as drawing up offers, project planning and coordination as well as the organisation of internal responsibilities. At the same time, Administration is also the first point of contact for interested parties and the point of access for our existing clients. To meet our own high standards and satisfy the high expectations of our customers, we focus on outstanding quality management, as demonstrated by our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Meticulous monitoring ensures that our available resources are utilised optimally, giving our clients the best offers possible.


Working hand in hand with our Development office, the Production department ensures precise implementation of our customers’ specific requests. Our employees in this department specialise in the fields of electrics, electronics and technology, rounding out their profile with excellent skilled craftsmanship. Apart from constructing our tried-and-tested products for crack detection and surface inspection based on the inline process (SOANA®), the Production department is also responsible for carrying out maintenance work. This is regularly conducted at the client’s request in order to maximise the service life of our systems. During a project, our Production department maintains constant contact with our business partners from the very start. From dimension calculations to construction and regular maintenance, our Production team visits the client on site at regular intervals.

Service and Customer Support

After we deliver our systems, we offer our clients a comprehensive service. Our trained employees provide you with rapid and reliable assistance in case of any questions and problems. Our service also includes production evaluations, creating reports and adjusting the scope of inspection. You can also find more information here.

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