Service and Customer Support

We are here for you!

We are committed to providing you with future-proof products. To guarantee this promise, we offer you long-term collaboration. Even after the successful delivery of our surface inspection systems, we will still be available to you as a partner – with services fully tailored to meet your needs.


Production analysis and reporting

The majority of our clients value not only the inspection of components, but also transparent analysis of inspection results: this is why we offer individual customer production analysis and statistically evaluate our results for you. 

These reports can help you identify the specific production systems and times when cracks or other faults have occurred. The corresponding component numbers, component stamps, embossed codes or similar markings can also be clearly assigned to faults. The analysis may be delivered as production reports, daily reports or weekly reports. You have the option of observing manufacturing processes over longer periods of time and conveniently documenting the inspection results. The data makes it easier to draw conclusions about the potential causes of faults, such as particular material mixtures or specific tool settings. Along with the statistics, we also offer our clients access to generated fault patterns for internal analysis on request. Thanks to modern technology, our service can be integrated directly into your individual software solutions or databases.

Symbolbild für die Auswertung der Prüfergebnisse nach der optischen Oberflächenprüfung. Zu sehen ist ein Diagramm und eine Hand mit Stift, die auf die Unterlagen zeigt.

System Maintenance

Compliance with statutory provisions is required when operating electrical systems. In order to fulfil the legal requirements and ensure that the surface inspection systems are always ready to use and in perfect condition, we diligently take care of the products you purchase under our maintenance contracts. At predefined times, our team will visit you on site to carry out maintenance on your system conveniently.

Alongside hardware maintenance, we constantly monitor the functionality of your system and the accompanying software using remote diagnostics. The adjustment of software settings and inspection parameters is also available as part of remote maintenance.

Expanding the Scope of Inspection

Our SOANA® system stands out not just because of its reliability and accuracy, but also because of its flexibility.

The scope of inspection for your components can be adjusted, expanded or extended to new components at any time. Over time, the main fault areas for a component can shift due to various external influences. In such cases, we take a particularly close look for you in order to ensure a secure inspection.

Many of our customers distribute products that are constantly being developed and modified. As a result of new serial models, it is often necessary to integrate new components into the scope of inspection. Long after delivery, we can add these into the system and then inspect them as usual.

Since our software is capable of updating, you can count on us in the future as well! 


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